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I saw a job once when I was 23.

25 Aug

Sometimes I tell people that I’ve spent the afternoon “looking for jobs”. This isn’t exactly a lie, but it is far from the truth. Usually, my first stop is, a database of journalism positions all over the world at real, legitimate institutions like the New York Times. Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas usually have a handful of jobs posted, but they all sound like this:

“DREAM REPORTING JOB – THE TRIBUNE-REVIEW IS LOOKING TO HIRE someone who has had more than four years experience at a paper with circulation 50,000 or higher…”

I close the tab and get disheartened. Time for Craigslist, where the standards are low for a reason.

“Looking for editor for my 5,600 page transcript, will pay $15”

“Office assistant wanted, $15/hr, full benefits, goto and send us your results for an interview!”

“Hiring: personal assistant to “assist” me “personally”, this is not a scam  I swear.”

I seriously look at Craigslist everyday. For some reason, I keep thinking I’ll stumble upon a really great opportunity, or the perfect job. The truth is, I’d probably have better luck just asking around. You’d think somebody would cut me a break, right?

The third step in job-looking is admitting defeat.

Browse internets.

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