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Another day, another dessert

19 Oct

Hi folks.

I apologize for letting this blog go by the wayside. But after much prodding from family and friends I’ve finally gathered up the energy to post a new entry. Let’s celebrate after reading; together!

So here’s a topic I’m sure you’re all too familiar with – MINI TUBS OF ICE CREAM! Yes, those tiny containers of ice cream,which I can only imagine were designed for:

  • Children with undersized stomachs
  • People that can’t afford real ice cream
  • On-the-go ice cream lovers, like myself

I’ve tried three different brands of mini ice cream tubs, and had a very different experience with each. Let’s do this!!

Mini Ice Cream #1

Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie

An instant classic, right? Chocolate mixed in with chocolate and topped with chocolate. Nobody can go wrong with this combination, including ice cream giants Ben and Jerry. Was it delicious? Yes. But more importantly, the spoon they give you to eat it with? AMAZING.

The spoon, found under the lid, is tiny, plastic and most importantly NOT SPOON SHAPED WHATSOEVER. It reminds me of one of those Easter Island heads, but tiny and filled with ice cream. You wouldn’t think that spoon dynamics would be so important when comparing tiny tubs of ice cream. Please, read on.

Haagen – Dazs Strawberry Frogurt

It’s here, it’s frozen yogurt, get used to it. I actually had the raspberry sorbet, however I couldn’t find a picture of it on Google, so…let’s focus on the spoon design! OH WAIT, THERE WAS NONE. The “spoon” they include with your ice cream is a completely flat surface, devoid of any sort of indentation whatsoever. Not to mention the weird texture that makes you feel like you’re eating your sorbet from a piece of sandpaper. Can’t possibly get any worse than this spoon, you guys…


You might be saying to yourself, “Hey wait, where’s the spoon?”. So did I. Because Edy’s apparently expects their loyal customers to pry the frozen treat out with their pudgy, dirty fingers.  Here’s a quick tip on marketing, Edy’s – when 100% of your competition is selling their product with a spoon, you might want to consider joining them. Also, your ice cream is really gross.


In summation, Ben & Jerry’s is the only miniature ice cream tub you should ever buy.

Thanks for reading! 😀