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Recommendation Wednesdays!

4 May

Welcome to the newest addition to Pam’s Weird Lyfe  –

Recommendation Wednesdays!

I’ve never been much for writing album reviews, mostly because I find no pleasure in fighting over music. There’s no point in trying to prove that a band is good or bad. So rather than boring you with essays like “Green Day Sucks; A biased review of a band that gets way too much criticism”, I’m just going to suggest cool music to you!

This week’s featured album:


Sharky-Shark, Tanky-Tank

…Shark Tank! 

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been waiting your whole life for a rap supergroup as white as this. Shark Tank comprises a potpourri of rappers – Height and Mickey Free (Baltimore-ballers), Lord Grunge (Pittsburgh-crooner) and B. Rich (King of Kingston, Ontario).

As much as I want to deny it, “Oh No” is my absolute favorite track from this album. I feel like it really showcases each member of the group – and it’s also just silly as hell which, if I’m assuming correctly, is a lot of what Shark Tank is about. Still, more serious jams like “I Can’t See It” are awesome too. Grunge just takes off on this track so hard. The beats are awesome. The hook is awesome. I love it.

You can listen to Shark Tank’s album for fuckin’ free, because they’re cool like that, right here:

I also HIGHLY recommend you check out the sexy-as-hell video for “Don’t Shoot”: